The Gaucho Trail Ride - the Horses & the Riding

Criollo horses on the gaucho do basil horse riding trail

Horses & tack

We have 35 well trained criollo horses for you. 
The Criollo (Crioulo in Portuguese) is the native horse from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.
It may have the best endurance of any horse breed in the world next to the Arabian. In fact, due to the crioulo's low basal metabolism, it may be a better long-distance horse than the Arabian in prolonged races over a week in duration with no supplemental feed. The breed is most popular in its home countries, and is known for its hardiness and stamina.

The criollo is a hardy horse with a brawny and strong body. They have short, strong legs with good bone, resistant joints, low-set hocks, and sound, hard feet. The long-muzzled head is medium- to large-sized and has a straight or slightly convex profile with wide-set eyes. The croup is sloping and the haunches well-muscled, the back short with a strong loin. They have sloping, strong shoulders with muscular necks.

The body is deep with a broad chest and well-sprung ribs. The criollo is tractable, intelligent, willing, and sensible. Criollo horses average 1,60m or 15 hands high.

Horse Riding in Gaucho Country in Southern Brazil

We ride on real gauchos saddles. Gauchos saddles are made to spent comfortable hours and days in the saddle. On the seat is a thick sheepskin. Saddle Bags are available for your use.

Riding Level & Riding style

You do not have to be a top rider at all, but you must of course be a rider. The ride is suitable for intermediate to experienced riders. You should be confident on a horse at all paces. The pace is varied to include walk, trot and canter.
We have horses for all levels. Together with the guide you will choose according to your riding level, your height, weight, and preference the right horse in the stable.
The terrain consists predominantly of large lawn type fields, for both rider and horse a real dream terrain. There is daily sufficient time and space to enjoy a good trot and canter. The riding style is the relaxed Gaúcho style, similar to western riding and trail riding. Are you a classic trained rider (English / French)? Do not worry, the gaucho way of riding is easy to pick up and very comfortable.

Is this your first riding holiday? Do not worry, as a rider you know that both rider and horse can not trot or canter 8 hours a day. Every ride is always a relaxed ride. You ride with loose reins, and enjoy the fantastic nature, once in a while a trot and a good canter. On average we are about 6 hours per day in the saddle.

Allergic to horses?

Gaucho do Brasil will soon be offer ridingholidays for people with allergies!
Curly riding horses for people allergic to horsesCurly Horses are horses with curls. Not only the mane and tail but also the coat, fetlocks, hair in the ears and eyelashes are curled. The curly coat is not the only thing that makes these horses unique. For people who are allergic to horses Curly's offer a great solution, because they are hypoallergenic. This means that allergic people do not or hardly react to a Curly horse.

Under the microscope, the hair of a Curly looks more like mohair (wool) than on plain horsehair. The fact that these horses do not give allergy to people who are allergic, makes this horse really interesting. There are many people allergic to horses who would love to go riding but can not without taking a bunch of pills.

Gaucho do Brasil is currently breeding some Curly horses so that also the allergic rider can go for an unimpeded riding holiday!