The Gaucho Trail Ride - Who is Who

Want to know who we are?...With whom you book this trip?...Who are the travel guides?...
Below a brief introduction to our “Gaúcho do Brasil” team.

Roberio Biancini Gaucho Horse Trail Ride BrazilROBERIO BIANCHINI 1965 
Doing it the gaucho way, riding the gaucho way, that’s how Roberio is doing it and that how he is riding.
Roberio is a born and bred Brazilian gaucho (cowboy).
He loves the great outdoors and his hunger to explore every inch of Coxilha Rica on horseback is insatiable. Some say horse blood is running through his veins, as his life is all about, and only for horses.
Roberio has been organizing local cavalgadas (riding tours) for years and knows the region like no other. He is a great rider, goes merrily through life and is a natural helper. A good guide loves providing service …and nobody does that with greater conviction as Roberio. He is a happy horseman and that is what you will notice. He is the human version of a GPS. No one is better than Roberio in finding the way in the vast nature reserve Coxilha Rica! In this picture a little deviation from his talent, .. Roberio & mule walking into the local bar :o)

Giancarlo Orsoletta Gaucho Horse Trail Ride BrazilGIANCARLO ORSOLETTA 1981 
Gaúcho & excellent musician Giancarlo is a jack of all trades. He sings, plays music, cooks, drives the back-up vehicle with the luggage and saddles the horses. Giancarlo rides at times along on the tour or drives the truck. When work is done he joins us to drink a caipirinha and play some music . He loves to practice his English which he talks better day by day.

Joao Furtado Gaucho Horse Trail Ride BrazilJOÃO FRANCISCO FURTADO 1983
João, born on a horse, is a thoroughbred Gaucho. Broke all his bones riding Rodeos and is now our local horsewhisperer training criollo horses like no other. During the trail ride he takes care of the horses and sometimes takes the lead in guiding the group. He is a lovely and autenthic person always ready to give the riding participants some help with a smile.

Daniel Klein Gaucho Horse Trail Ride BrazilDANIEL CAMARGO KLEIN 1975
Daniel, the big & friendly boss of Fazenda Chapada,..shoots and drinks faster than his own shadow…loves to receive guests, to ride, to hug and to party. Daniel is always around somewhere to give a helping hand.

Mama Guida Gaucho Horse Trail Ride BrazilMAMA GUIDA 19??
Guida is our superwoman. No delicious meals or daily fresh bread without her! While the group of riders are in the saddle she spends all here time baking cakes and inventing new dishes to please and surprise the guests. Do not mess with her in the kitchen as she is the boss in this part of the house. Guida is travelling with our back-up vehicle from farm to farm, so we do switch kitchens but not the cook!

Paul Coudenys Gaucho Horse Trail Ride BrazilPAUL COUDENYS 1966
If anyone can say "been there, done that" then it’s Paul Coudenys!
Paul, born in Flanders Belgium, was once in his previous life a farrier. At age 21, he travelled backpacking around the globe, 3 years later and with a luggage full of travel and riding experiences he returned to Belgium. During his "long journey", he worked as a blacksmith shoeing horses at the polo club in Singapore, as a blacksmith and cowboy at a cattle station in Australia, as a gaucho in South America and as a rider in too many places and countries to mention.
In 1996 he founded “Hippo-Trek” and became one of the pioneers of worldwide riding holidays in Europe. Paul rode horses in 53 different countries and is perhaps one of the most experienced trail riders in the world. Loving the great horse culture and hospitality in Latin America Paul decided to move to Brazil in 2010. He lives in the southern state of Santa Catarina, home of the South American gaucho (cowboy). After years of experience in organizing and guiding equestrian holidays and riding expeditions around the world, he now only concentrates on  trail rides and equestrian tourism in Latin America. He is guiding all the riding trips himself and assures you participating at the best horse treks in Latin America.
Paul is also co-founder and president of ALATCE; Asociación Latinoamericana de Turismo y Cultura Ecuestre. (Latin American Association of Equestrian Tourism and Culture)
He speaks 6 languages, loves humor and life, is a very social person and knows like no other how to take you on a ride on the wild side!